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CobolPro for z/OS:  COBOL Run-Time Statement-Level Code Coverage


Are you verifying that your COBOL source code has actually been properly tested?



What proof do you have that your COBOL source code has been properly tested?


Verifying the correct functionality and proper execution of software assets before deployment in a production environment is a critical part of any software development life cycle methodology. However, developers working on IBM's mainframe platform that are engaged in developing, supporting and enhancing COBOL applications usually implement "black-box" testing techniques and are often left guessing whether or not COBOL source code has been fully tested and vetted before being deployed into a production environment:

  • Typical verification and acceptance test strategies currently in use range from minimally determining whether a given set of COBOL programs completes with an acceptable return-code to using deficient, ancient or obsolete test scenarios that may no longer properly verify a given program's logic and functionality.

  • Additionally, due to changing or evolving business and government requirements, COBOL programs often contain "dead" or unused code that is no longer required or executed and which introduces extra risk, cost, analytical complexity and uncertainty when performing program maintenance.

CobolPro for z/OS represents a software engineering break-through that provides IBM mainframe software developers a "white-box" testing capability for producing a complete and definitive execution profile for any COBOL program during the program's development and testing phases:

CobolPro for z/OS delivers run-time statement-level COBOL code coverage and provides IBM mainframe software developers the capability to determine precisely which COBOL statements have been executed and to determine precisely how many times each COBOL statement has been executed (including every IBM EXEC statement for DB2, CICS and IMS).



CobolPro for z/OS is immediately beneficial to organizations and software developers that want to:

  • increase and improve COBOL testing quality and efficiency
  • implement a "white-box" COBOL analytic testing capability
  • gain a better understanding of the run-time behavior of COBOL programs
  • verify and prove whether COBOL applications have been been properly tested




Perform 713 times                                                       1
Compute ii = ii + 1                                                     700
Evaluate true                                                           700
    When ii = 47
          continue                                                      1
    When ii = 48 or 69
          continue                                                      2
    When ii = 600 or 700 or 2
          if ii = 700                                                   3
             next sentence                                              1
             add 1 to jj                                                2
          continue                                                      2
    When ii > 10000
          Call 'PROG001' Using COUNT-X COUNT-Y COUNT-Z                  0
          Add 3 to jj                                                   0
    When ii > 20000
          Call 'PROG002' Using COUNT-X COUNT-Y COUNT-Z                  0
          Add 2 to jj                                                   0
    When other
          continue                                                      694


Without CobolPro for z/OS, the ability to determine which test conditions and execution paths have been met for a given set of test scenarios can be difficult and time-consuming. CobolPro for z/OS can provide insights and understandings into the run-time execution, performance and behavior of COBOL programs that even experienced COBOL developers can benefit from.


Please contact E-JCL Software to request a FREE no-obligation trial to discover the immediate and cost-efficient benefits CobolPro for z/OS can deliver to IBM z/OS COBOL developers.


PowerJCL®  for z/OS: Analyze and Validate JCL Syntax and Enforce JCL Standards


PowerJCL for z/OS is a validation and standards enforcement software solution for IBM's job control language (JCL). PowerJCL is a powerful and flexible productivity and analytical software tool that has been designed and engineered to operate effectively and efficiently in the IBM z/OS operating system environment. Among its many benefits, PowerJCL provides superior capabilities for JCL validation, analysis, reporting and testing for all levels of JCL developers and users from novices to experts during the application development, deployment and support life cycle phases.


Additionally, PowerJCL incorporates a unique, powerful and integrated high-level programming language, JCLScript, that advances the state-of-the-art in JCL analysis and validation capability and optionally complements and extends PowerJCL's extensive default processing capabilities. JCLScript has been specifically designed to accommodate and enhance the characteristics and features of IBM's ubiquitous job control language by allowing developers and users to use familiar high-level structured programming constructs when analyzing and validating JCL. JCL developers and users can use the integrated programming language to supplement and extend PowerJCL's built-in validation, analysis and reporting capabilities to implement comprehensive, repeatable and customized JCL management workflow processes (i.e., JCL standards enforcement).


JCL developers and users can also further extend the powerful default JCL validation, analysis, reporting, and testing capabilities of PowerJCL and JCLScript by using JCLScript's built-in language interfaces to other IBM z/OS languages to perform additional or supplemental JCL management processes. JCLScript includes seamless interfaces to general purpose programming languages including REXX, CLIST, Assembler, COBOL and others. All JCL developers and users from novices to experts will discover JCLScript’s intuitive ease-of-use characteristics facilitate a unique JCL analysis and management capability. Optionally, PowerJCL’s JCLScript programming language can also be used in a standalone mode for use in other non-JCL processing application areas.


Please contact E-JCL Software to request a FREE no-obligation trial to discover the immediate and cost-efficient benefits PowerJCL for z/OS can deliver to IBM z/OS developers.




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